We need zombies and other race day volunteers. Please read our Zombie Rules and Regulations then complete the Volunteer Interest Form at the bottom of this page.

Q: How do I sign up to be a zombie or volunteer?

A: Please fill out the form below and you will be contacted by a race official.

Q: How old do I need to be a zombie or volunteer?

A: All volunteers, including zombies, must be 16 or older, as of race day. Volunteers under 18 must have a parent sign a waiver.

Q: What are the volunteer positions available?

A: There are many tasks we need help with as we prepare for the race and on race day. Please see a full list of volunteer opportunities listed on the form below.

Q: What is the time commitment for a volunteer?

A: Depending on the duty you are assigned, volunteers will need to arrive between 6am – 7:30am. Volunteers should expect to stay until at least 2pm.

Q: What should I wear?

A: All volunteers should wear comfortable clothing. Please bring layers as it might be chilly in the morning but will warm up throughout the event. Please wear jeans or athletic gear and sneakers. Each volunteer will receive a t-shirt to be worn on race day. Course zombies will not need to wear the t-shirt during the event but please see costume requirements below.

Q: I want to dress as a zombie but I don’t want to steal flags, is there something else I can do?

A: A zombie or non-zombie can do any of the other volunteer positions; it’s up to you.

Q: Do I provide my own zombie costume? Can I bring props?

A: Zombies are responsible for providing their own costume. The costume should be fabric only, nothing hard or with sharp edges. Remember, this is an athletic event so you should be able to easily move in your costume. You should also wear appropriate athletic footwear. Zombies, and runners, are NOT allowed to have props of any kind. If you arrive with a prop, you will be required to leave it behind before being allowed on the course.

Q: Will zombie make up be available?

A: We will provide basic Halloween makeup onsite for people to “zombify” themselves upon arrival. If you would like more professional or detailed makeup, please apply your own before you arrive. If you are applying make up onsite, please arrive BEFORE your assigned volunteer time to make sure you are ready when needed.

Q: Is there a physical requirement to be a course zombie?

A: Zombies who are placed on the course to steal flags must have the physical capacity to participate in moderate activity. If this isn’t you, please volunteer for one of the other positions, listed below.

Q: Are there rules for course zombies?

A: Yes, zombies and runners are expected to adhere to our code of conduct. Zombies on the course will be assigned to specific zones. You will not give chase out of your assigned zone. Physical contact between runners and zombies is strictly prohibited, although accidental contact may occur. Overly aggressive zombies and runners will be removed by race officials immediately and will not be allowed to participate in future events.

Volunteer Interest Form